Ohio Realtors

Global Business Alliance Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan

Goal 6: Global Real Estate Marketplace (defined as new commercial or residential real estate transactions with foreign nationals and immigrant clients, buyers with extended family abroad, employers of global corporations and other groups) -- to position Ohio REALTORS as a leader in Ohio’s global
real estate marketplace and its members as expert facilitators in global economic development.

Objective 6.1

Educate OAR membership about the Ohio REALTORS global business alliance.

Objective 6.2

Identify key economic development contacts within Ohio’s global marketplace.

Objective 6.3

Assist local Associations in establishing strategic relationships with local global business and cultural groups.

Objective 6.4

Establish Ohio REALTORS as a leading facilitator in market-to-market connections.

Objective 6.5

Leverage existing relationships to establish a foundation for OAR as a leader in the global real estate marketplace.

Objective 6.6

Create opportunities for engagement with both existing international real estate groups/associations and within our membership.