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Ohio's Global Business Alliance receives national recognition for second consecutive year

The Ohio REALTORS Global Business Alliance has been classified as a Silver Council by the National Association of REALTORS for the second straight year. The work as a Council will be recognized during 2019 REALTORS Conference & Expo, Nov. 8-11,in San Francisco.

NAR's selection group, comprised of 12 NAR staff from a variety of teams, recognized that Ohio is "making good strides" with our Council and "can see the potential for future growth with the goals you have outlined for 2020."

(Oct. 28, 2019, Ohio REALTOR Buzz)

Last year, The National Association of REALTORS released it’s 2018 Profile of International Activity in U.S Residential Real Estate. Ohio held 3% of the overall share of foreign buyers, meaning that Ohio saw approximately $3.6B in residential real estate purchased by foreign buyers from April 2017-March 2018. Read story (Source: Dayton REALTORS)

Going Global

Ohio REALTORS understand that the work of our industry extends well beyond our state and national borders. In fact, here in Ohio we have 133 international companies doing business every single day. We are connected like never before which impacts everything we do. The real estate industry is no exception. The way we do business has changed. The needs of your clients have changed. The way our industry must perform has changed. That’s why here at Ohio REALTORS we are going Global!

Ohio REALTORS created the Global Business Alliance was created two years ago. Our goal is to position ourselves and our members as expert facilitators in global economic development and leaders in Ohio’s global real estate marketplace. This is a huge task but one that is well worth the effort.

Getting Started

Ambassador Association Program

When you hear “Ambassador Association” think “Sister City.” This National Association of REALTORS program connects a foreign Cooperating Association with a U.S. state or local REALTOR association. In 2018, Ohio REALTORS renewed their status as Ambassador Association to Finland. We are incredibly excited about this and look forward to continuing to build our relationship with the Finns.

Over the course of a year, the National Association of REALTORS will host over 2,000 international real estate professionals, mostly at the REALTOR Annual Conference and Expo. Additionally, several individual meetings are requested with REALTORS to discuss the industry, to seek guidance on how best to engage or just to network. The majority of these contacts come from the bilateral cooperating agreements that NAR has with over 90 real estate associations in 69 different countries.

To better serve our international colleagues and friends, the International Networks Advisory Group at NAR created the International Ambassador Program. There NAR appoints a partner state or local REALTOR association to one of its foreign cooperating associations. Additionally, the program works very closely with the President’s Liaison assigned to that particular country.

President’s Liaison Program

NAR's International President's Liaisons are appointed to each country annually by the NAR President. President's Liaisons serve at the discretion of the President for a term of one year, and may be re-appointed. President's Liaisons work to help maintain NAR's important relationships with foreign real estate associations.

Here in Ohio we are honored to have former Ohio REALTOR and NAR President Steve Brown as our President’s Liaison to Finland.

Global Business Alliance Committee

Look for Global programming at both the Spring Conference and September Convention.