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PRICE: $59, $69 at the door.

Coming to 6 Locations in Ohio ...

  • Cambridge, June 5
  • Cincinnati, June 7 (CLOSED)
  • Cleveland, June 12
  • Toledo, June 13 (CLOSED)
  • Columbus, June 19 (CLOSED)
  • Dayton, June 20


In today’s ever changing climate, it’s more important than ever for REALTORS® to keep abreast of the latest information. This seminar will update you on state and federal regulatory issues, legal issues including license law updates, recent cases and industry trends designed to reduce your risk and potentially help increase your earnings!

What’s happening at the state house and federal level to:

  • License home inspectors
  • Change Ohio’s notary public law
  • Eliminate dower rights
  • Clarify the eviction notice requirements
  • Protect property owners from ADA litigation
  • Establish a review to potentially sunset licensing Boards and Commissions

What’s going on at the Division?

  • Proposed rules regarding advertising, teams, trust account records and more
  • Criminal background checks for new licensees
  • Property Management Task Force update
  • Most common license law violations that are getting licensees in trouble

Recent court cases addressing:

  • Point of sale inspection ordinances
  • Rental registration fees
  • Local ordinance occupancy limits
  • Service animals and Fair Housing
  • Marketing agreements with lenders and title companies

Teams – most common mistakes your team is making

  • Does your team name violate the license law? Is your advertising in compliance?
  • What about agency? Who do the team members represent and how is that disclosed in your paper work?
  • Are you addressing confidentiality?
  • And what about compensating team members???

Ohio’s New Medical Marijuana Law

  • Issues for renting to a dispensary
  • Tenants using medical marijuana
  • Conflicts with federal law
  • Lending and title issues
  • Employees use of cannabis

INSTRUCTORS: Peg Ritenour, J.D., Ohio REALTORS vice president of legal services and Lorie Garland, J.D., Ohio REALTORS assistant vice president of legal services.

CE CREDIT: 3 hours of core law credit. Per ODRE requirements, you must be present 90% of the program to receive credit.

CONTACT/EMAIL: Deanna Wright -   

"Attending this Legislative update and Legal seminar is one of the best uses of your time! Great information...well presented...great real-life case information presented in an interesting format. This is one seminar you will leave and feel like you've received information that is beneficial to your business."  Michael Martin, President Dayton REALTORS

"This course provides so much important information. The 3 hours flew by and I wished we had more time. Peg is a fantastic instructor. She has knowledge of the various topics and keeps the class interesting with her great sense of humor and ability to relate to her audience."  Jennifer Zeller, Midwestern Ohio Association of REALTORS, Troy OH