Young Professionals Network-YPN

Young Professionals Network-YPN

The Network’s purpose is to cultivate the next generation of REALTOR Association leaders. It ensures that the organization’s interests as well as committees are well represented among all age group and experience levels. The Network will work to establish local chapters within Ohio REALTORS’s five districts with the help of District Vice Presidents and Local Board Leaders.


  • Work with Business Technology Forum where appropriate
  • Assist the YP Council to help establish YP Networks around Ohio.

Who We Are

Ohio REALTORS Young Professionals Network (YPN) is the future of the real estate industry. Its members are comprised of young entrepreneurs/real estate professionals within Ohio. Through a variety of different programs, YP Networks help:

  • Build business and community networks;
  • Share resources and experiences
  • Develop professionally through educational opportunities;
  • Create goals for advocacy;
  • Contribute to economic development;
  • Leverage future influence.


Ohio REALTORS believe that young professionals are an important investment in the future of this industry. The group is a cornerstone which will attract and retain modern, innovative thinkers and help define the real estate industry’s future with the next generation of leadership. To create a platform that provides young professionals with positive opportunities upon which to build professional networks, social relationships and engage in volunteer activities that enrich and improve the economic vitality and quality of life of their community.

The Ohio REALTORS Young Professional Network is a fast-growing group of REALTOR young professionals who are committed to personal growth, networking and engagement in the Association at all levels.

In order to provide dynamic programming and activities that will grow Young Professional Networks at both the state and local level it is vital to obtain the input of REALTORS from a focused group (The Council) from across Ohio with YPN knowledge, experience and vision.

Last year the YPN Network created a business plan which provides goals and achievements for the Network to strive for.

Business Plan (pdf) ... Business Plan (word)

YPN Start Up Guide

2022 Leadership:

Chair: Kyle Oberlin
Vice Chair: Josh Uminski
EC Liaison: Heather Zimmaro
Staff Liaison: Nikki Gasbarro, Allison Wiley & Laura Peshek