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Legislative Steering Chair Brian Whitta Testifies on Occupational Licensing Legislation

Legislative Steering Chair Brian Whitta Testifies on Occupational Licensing Legislation

Jun 12, 2024

By Anastasia Kotkovskaya, Ohio REALTORS Manager, Advocacy and Research

This week, Brian Whitta, chair of the Ohio REALTORS Legislative Steering Committee, testified on the state’s occupational licensing bill in the Senate Government Oversight Committee

The state of Ohio reviews each occupational license every six years, and this year, they are reviewing licenses issued by the Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing. House Bill (HB) 238 proposes changes to these occupational licensing laws for real estate professionals. Ohio REALTORS supported two changes made to HB 238 during the House committee process.

The first change added a provision to eliminate the requirement for brokers to complete two years of postsecondary education. Ohio is the only state with this requirement and removing it would allow experienced real estate salespersons to transition into brokerage roles more readily and enhance the industry’s flexibility.

The second change removes the requirement for real estate schools in Ohio to offer college credits. Once again, Ohio is the only state that has this requirement, and our surrounding states allow more schools to provide real estate education with a much lower price tag. Removing this requirement would allow more schools to offer licensing education in the state. The increased competition would significantly lower our costs of education while also improving the quality and outcomes for students.


Brian Whitta expressed concerns about any efforts to reduce the hours required for pre-licensing education. Maintaining rigorous educational standards is essential in ensuring that real estate professionals are well-prepared to serve clients and uphold public trust. In his testimony, he shared:

“The education and training standards ensure that Ohio’s consumers are receiving services from qualified real estate professionals as they negotiate what is likely the most financially significant decision they make – the purchase or sale of a home. Ohio is not experiencing a shortage of real estate professionals, and reducing hours of pre-licensing education, unlike the proposed reforms identified above, will do little to open more doors to Ohioans seeking to become licensed.”

HB 238 will continue to make its way through the Senate committee process as legislators deliberate the legislation.

Additional information about HB 238 can be found here: HB 238 | 135th General Assembly | Ohio Legislature

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