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Co-sponsorship Course Catalog

Co-sponsorship Course Catalog

Contact Garry Moon () to request a class  | 2024 Co-sponsor Catalog (pdf print version)


Ohio REALTORS works hand-in-hand with the local boards to deliver high-quality educational programming. Review the programs in this course catalog to determine which you’ll host at your association.

Please note there is a minimum of 20 paid attendees for each course that you co-sponsor, so you may want to survey your members to provide assurance of meeting the minimum. This required minimum drops to 15 attendees for designation/certification programs.

Ohio REALTORS receives 100% of the attendee registration fees paid by the first 20 attendees to each program, for the 21st attendee and above Ohio REALTORS and your Local Board/Association will split the attendee registration fee 50/50. The registration rates for each program are listed in the course catalog.

Ohio REALTORS Responsibilities

• Promote your program to all 36,000 + members of Ohio REALTORS
• Develop the promotional information for you
• Make arrangements and pay for your instructor
• Provide all student materials
• Certify the program for continuing education credit
• Issue continuing education certificates to each student, within 30 days following the program
• Upload the course roster to the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing
• Split 50% of registration fees with Local Board/Association after 20 paid registrants
Note: All costs associated with the above are the responsibility of Ohio REALTORS.

Sponsor’s Responsibilities

• Provide the meeting facility – if virtual can be via the Ohio REALTORS Zoom account
• Promote the program (Ohio REALTORS will provide promotional information & education calendar link)
• Process the registrations (Ohio REALTORS will process registrations for designation/ certification)
• On-site administration
• Provide necessary audiovisual equipment
• Have a minimum of 20 paid registrants (15 for designation/certification)
• After the course, mail the following to Ohio REALTORS for processing:

  • Attendance Verification Form with all requested information including name, license number, postal and email address.
  • Check payable to Ohio REALTORS for 100% of the registration fees for the first 20 attendees and 50% of all additional attendee registration fees (payment to match the Attendance Verification Form). Ohio REALTORS will issue payment to you for designation/ certification.

Note: All costs associated with the above are the responsibility of your Local Board/Association.

Questions? Interested in co-sponsoring a program?
Contact Ohio REALTORS Director of Professional Development Garry Moon (; 614-225-6210) at least 10-12 weeks prior to the desired program date.

Ohio REALTORS reserves the right to adjust or re-assign instructors as needed. Course information may be updated throughout the year to ensure students receive current information.

Let us create a course just for you! If you have a particular subject or topic area you are interested in just let us know. The Professional Development Group will work with you to create a specialized program that fits your needs.

Pricing and instructors will be determined based upon factors involved in providing the best quality program to fit your needs.

To explore the possibilities access the 2024 Co-sponsor Catalog

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