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After the death of its mayor, the city of Toledo and Northwest Ohio REALTORS reached out to Ohio REALTORS for help in electing a REALTOR-friendly mayor who would help defeat unmanagable lead-based paint regulations. 
All groups worked hard and were successful in electing Democrat Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz
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At one time, the city of Euclid had one of the most challenging Point of Sale (POS) inspections in Northeast Ohio. The POS ordinance required that funds be placed in escrow with the City to cover the costs of any required repairs..a double burden to home buyers.
To eliminate this barrier, the Akron Cleveland Association reached out to Ohio REALTORS for assistance.
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The Lake & Geauga Area Association REALTORS reached out to Ohio REALTORS for help in raising awareness among residents of the new point of sale mandate. Our members looked at the issue and unanimously agreed to fund a public awareness campaign … spotlighting the impact of Burton’s point of sale requirement.
Ohio REALTORS is working hard to bring positive change and ensure Burton Village is a great place to live and work.
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When the Lordstown community realized the General Motors plant was closing, the Warren Area Board of REALTORS contacted Ohio REALTORS for help supporting a new zoning referendum to site the TJX Homegoods Distribution Center. We responded.
Through the support and partnership of Ohio REALTORS and the local board, Lordstown was able to secure thousands of jobs to make their community a stronger place to live and work.
Here is how it happened ...