Daffodils Across Ohio


Longtime member Jim Camp, of Cutler Real Estate in North Canton, called recently and proposed a "Daffodils Across Ohio program." 

According to Jim Camp:

“In thinking about a way to remember the lives of the thousands of people who died from COVID-19 and their families, as well as honor the sacrifices and efforts of hospital workers, first responders, health care workers and government officials at every level, I remembered words that Gov. DeWine shared at his inaugural.

“The Governor’s father reminded his children in the fall, knowing that he was dying of cancer, not to forget to plant daffodil bulbs, realizing he would not be alive to see them bloom in the spring.”

Ohio REALTORS is pleased to launch this initiative allowing more than 36,000 members the opportunity to purchase bulbs from Boyert’s Greenhouse.

In short, Boyert's is making bags of 50 yellow, high quality reproducing bulbs for only $32.99 (includes tax and shipping). What great gifts for your clients and customers--a lasting tribute that will continually beautify our communities. Supplies are limited…so act now!

CLICK HERE to complete the direct order form to Boyert's Greenhouse & Farm. (DEADLINE TO ORDER IS SEPT. 30)