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5.9.23 | Norfolk Southern to set up home value reimbursement fund after Ohio derailment | Source: Reuters

3.14.23 | Residents near Ohio train derailment find it nearly impossible to sell their home | Source: NPR

3.9.23 | Some real estate functions hindered due to local emergency response effort Source: WYTV, Youngstown

3.9.23 | Norfolk Southern CEO asked if East Palestine residents will be compensated for diminished property values | WKYC-TV, Cleveland


The Columbiana County Health Department has asked us to share the attached that pertains to the Real Estate Waiver being rescinded (from the March 3 Notice) for the Village of East Palestine.

3.6 - Rescinded Policy


Temporary inspection waiver issued for Columbiana County until March 6

Special note for REALTORS operating in Columbiana County...

We are aware of the situation involving the Columbiana County Health District issuing a Temporary Waiver of Inspection Due to Emergency Response Efforts related to the Norfolk Southern derailment. More ...

On Friday, March 3 Ohio REALTORS contacted all members in the East Palestine area about the temporary waiver. More ...

Dealing with Disasters --
In light of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, REALTORS may have some questions about whether and how this might affect real estate transactions and their responsibilities as licensees. Though the specific details of this incident are unique, most of the underlying compliance issues are the same as they would be for any sort of disaster. More ...