Ohio Realtors

Distinguished Service Award Selection Group


Statement of Purpose

The Distinguished Service Award Committee's primary purpose is to give recognition to long-standing members who have demonstrated an uncommon commitment to the goals and purposes of the Association at all levels.

List of Programs

  • Distinguished Service Award

Chair: Sue Lusk-Gleich
Vice Chairs: Lynda Long, Suzie Roselius
EC Liaison: Suzie Roselius
Staff Liaison: Nikki Gasbarro

Suzie Roselius – 12/31/21
Lynda Long – 12/31/21
Darlene Mink Crouse – 12/31/21
Sue Lusk-Gleich – 12/31/19
Georgiana Nye – 12/31/19
Brad Bennett – 12/31/20
Jerri Florio – 12/31/20

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