Ohio Realtors

Equal Opportunity/Diversity Forum


Has an ongoing mission to be the primary source of creative strategies to encourage and assist member Boards and REALTORS in eliminating barriers to fair housing and diversified communities. The Forum is committed to dispelling intolerance among real estate practitioners and the public through issue-specific communication and education. The Forum will also help to facilitate discussion, awareness and understanding of affordable housing issues and provide a vehicle through which participants can share and seek information relevant to those issues.

List of Programs

  • Provide guidance and information to local associations and members regarding involvement in community activities, housing issues, and local government that can promote equal and barrier-free access to housing and diversified communities.

Chair: Jamie McMillen
Vice Chair: Marque Bressler
EC Liaison: Steve Casper
Staff Liaison: Sharon Sample, RCE

2019 Forum Members
CC indicates Corresponding Member

Timothy J. Cocanour, ABR, CC
Robert L. Colvin, CC
TonJala L. Cosby
Kathy Jo Cubbage
Tim P. Damiano
Connie Irene Dickson
Sarah C. Ford, CC
Charles W. Foster, CRB
David W. Freitag, RCE, CEO, CC
Sharon L. Geier, CC
Janet A. Gommel, CC
Alec H. Hagerty, ABRM, CC
Adam P. Hanzie, CC
Andrew Michael Hersey, CC
Sheila A. Holmes-Howard
Jason R. Hottle, CC
Kerri Joni Kalala
Young H. Kim, CRS, CC
Andrew Leirer, CC
Nancy D. Leirer
Tiffany A. Lobertini
Michael Lee Martin
Darlene F. Mink-Crouse, GRI
Phil Morrical, III, CIPS, CC
Sandy K. Naragon, RCE, CEO
Erin D. Osstifin, GRI, CC
Judith F. Patriski, CRS
Sara E. Riesen, CC
Ida Seitter
Kathy S. Shiflet, CC
Ivan L. Smith
Sherry Stell, EO, CC
Sara Walsh, GRI
Catherine C. Welsh
Lisa Yelichek, RCE, CC