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Brokerage Management: Understanding Your Duties - Dayton


August 26, 2020, 1:00 pm to 4:15 pm




Phone: 614.225.6229


1515 S. Main St.
Dayton, OH 45409

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Per HB 532, 3-hours of education is required for those persons licensed as a broker (including principal brokers, associate brokers and brokers whose license is on deposit) and any agent or broker acting as a management level licensee. The purpose of this course is to assure these licensees are knowledgeable about their license law obligations as well as other issues involved in running a successful real estate business.

As a broker or manager, it is more crucial than ever that your understand the duties in overseeing your brokerage activities. From trust account requirements to oversight of agents and teams, the license law now lays out 14 different areas of responsibility. This 3-hour course will make sure that you have the information you need to stay on the right side of the Division of Real Estate. This course will meet the new continuing education requirement for a separate course on broker responsibility required for principal brokers, managers and associate brokers.

IMPORTANT: It should be noted that this 3-hour course will be included in a licensee's 30 hour CE requirement - not in addition. Beginning with renewals due April 6, 2020 and after, this new course on broker responsibilities is a core class for anyone who holds a broker credential or a management-level salesperson credential. Active brokers over the age of 70 will now have four core classes and 12 total hours to submit instead of nine hours of continuing education. 

Inactive brokers, as well as associate, management-level and principal brokers are all required to submit this class with each renewal. 

To view FAQ's on the broker/manager responsibilities education requirements please click HERE. You will be required to log in to the Ohio REALTORS website for access.

Instructed by: Peg Ritenour, J.D., VP of Legal Services for the Ohio REALTORS® / Lorie Garland J.D., Assistant VP of Legal Services for the Ohio REALTORS®

CE Credit: This course is certified for the required 3 hours of broker/manager credit. Per ODRE requirements, you must be present 90% of the program to receive credit.

Contact/Email: Deanna Wright - wright@ohiorealtors.org

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a salesperson and would like to take this course you may use it as elective credit.

"This course was so informative and on point with today issues. I'm tired of beginner classes and want more meat to the class. This one certainly delivered that". Sue Wray, MOAR, Piqua

“I would highly recommend this course. I learned a lot about my responsibilities as a management level licensee. Peg Ritenour made the course very informative and interesting.”  Dan Irwin, Columbus Grove, Ohio West Central Association of REALTORS

“This was a very informative CE class taught by an excellent instructor! The presentation was well organized and it covered very important material.” Art Travis, Cutler Real Estate, Columbus, Ohio, Columbus REALTORS

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