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FREE TAXBOT WEBINAR - Discover the Painless Rules to Paying Less Tax


February 18, 2020, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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The vast majority of self-employed people are hoodwinked by the complicated tax system — a pricey mistake costing thousands per year… IRS expert Sandy Botkin, explains how you can cut through the confusion and start saving more on your taxes!

Powerful Tax Advice from Former IRS Attorney, Sandy Botkin

Despite having some of the most business-friendly tax cuts in history, most self-employed people are still unknowingly paying too much in taxes.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ve likely seen a reduction in your tax rate…

But, by my estimate, a staggering 95% of owners are still paying too much in taxes by a lot!

…And the IRS is happily cashing our checks. It’s like they consider it a "donation" and they DEFINITELY aren’t contacting businesses to inform them that with a little forethought they could have qualified for some easy deductions.

Why do the majority of business owners overpay? The answer — an illusion, of sorts.

Let me explain…

If you’re like any of the thousands of businesses I met with last year, you’re totally confused by our tax system. Admit it, just thinking about taxes makes you feel overwhelmed. You use words like painful, complicated, annoying, injustice, and frustration to describe taxes. You’re not alone. You don’t have time, let alone the interest, to try to follow the numbers on your tax return.

And that’s okay — you’re busy running your business.

So unfortunately, most business owners don’t think about taxes until tax time. Then they delegate the responsibility to a tax preparer or they slog through an online tax filing software like TurboTax and hope they get everything they deserve.

But what if I told you that saving money on your taxes are not nearly as complicated as you’ve been led to believe. Not only that, but you, along with 95% of other business owners, are looking at the entire process of tax minimization all wrong.

What if the complexity is just an illusion?

Don’t get me wrong, filing your taxes is a hot mess of complicated and complex forms and formulas that need to be used. But behind all the smoke and mirrors of tedious formulas and long tax forms that need to be filed, (by your accountant, not you), taxes are not as complicated as they appear.

The fact is, YOU, the owner of the business, can have a bigger impact on your tax bill than your tax accountant can… IF you bypass all the complicated stuff and learn the simple basics of how the tax game is either won or lost.

Join us for an hour of instruction and Q&A as Sandy Botkin, former IRS attorney, dispels the three myths of our "complex" tax system and then teaches easy-to-implement strategies to dramatically lower your taxes for the rest of your life.

On the presentation you’ll learn:

    • How occasionally driving your spouse's car could increase your vehicle tax deductions and dwarf what you're getting now.
    • How to qualify MORE of your driving as business mileage make MORE of it deductible.
    • A simple, yet underutilized way to write off 100% of your personal and family's healthcare costs through your business, saving thousands of dollars each year — and all it takes is a quick 15-minute phone call to qualify.
    • How your kids can pay for their own soccer, music lessons, and video games with TAX-FREE income simply working part-time in your business.
    • When it makes sense to set up your business as an LLC and when it makes sense to make the jump to an S-Corp…(We could do an entire webinar on this awesome strategy alone).
      …and much more

Hope to see you there!

Jake Randall

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