Ohio Realtors

Finance Committee


Code of Regulations Provision: Article V, Section 5.2

Statement of Purpose

The Finance Committee reports to the Executive Committee and its primary purpose is to formulate recommendations concerning strategic and financial planning, control, budgeting and efficient utilization of the Association's resources.

List of Programs:

  • Annual Audit
  • Budget and Accounting
  • Internal Controls
  • Reserve/Investment Policies
  • Outside Investment Counseling
  • Financial Management Plan

Chair: Chris Reese
Staff Liaisons: Shauna Brown & Scott Williams

2019 Officers:

AJ Frye, President
Seth Task, Treasurer

Ralph Mantica – 12/31/2019
Anthony May – 12/31/2019
Greg Hrabcak – 12/31/2020
John Mangas – 12/31/2020
Ken Parchman – 12/31/2021
Ali Whitley – 12/31/2021
EO Appointee (2-year term) -- Julie Larson – 12/31/2020