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Get You There Campaign


About the campaign ...

Launched in early 2023, the Ohio REALTORS’s We’ll Get You There campaign brings to life the value of working with an Ohio REALTOR. The story-based campaign, inspired by the insights of many REALTORS, showcases the dedication, knowledge and expertise of our members through user-generated stories and imagery, showing the immeasurable impact that REALTORS have on real Ohioans and their communities.

Ohio REALTORS are unique in this profession for their accountability to a code of ethics, commitment to their clients, expertise on the buying and selling process, and deep knowledge of the real estate market. REALTORS are entrepreneurs, investing in themselves, their clients and communities to achieve success.

This expertise and dedication are part of how our members make dreams come true. Whatever Ohioans are looking for, an Ohio REALTOR will get you there.

Be a part of the campaign. At top right are links to the toolkit, social media and photofy templates. As an Ohio REALTOR, we ask that you use the campaign images and messaging on your social media, and invite you to add your own stories and special touch to the campaign. Tell us your story.

This content is copyright 2024 Ohio REALTORS.


Campaign Goals ...


Ohioans about the value that Ohio REALTORS add to every transaction and to the communities they serve across Ohio.​


Future Ohio homebuyers and current homeowners about the value of working with and maintaining a relationship with a REALTOR.​


REALTORS to tell real stories of real Ohioans in real Ohio homes.​