Leadership Academy Advisory Board

Leadership Academy Advisory Board

Statement of Purpose:

The Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy is an intense, nine-month, five-stage program focused on goal setting, communication, business relationships, meeting management and helping participants allocate their limited time more effectively. The program is for REALTORS who want to get involved, make a difference, grow their business and expand their leadership skills.

The selected members of the OR Leadership Academy will participate in exclusive retreats featuring nationally recognized speakers...each session is designed to increase the participant's effectiveness as a leader and, just as important, equip him with a resiliency that is essential in our ever-changing profession.

2023 Leadership:

Chair: Cole Cannon
Vice Chair: Ann Blair
EC Liaison: Antwilla Davis
Staff: Stacey Dawson

AE Appointee (2 year term): Julie Larson -- 12/31/24
Immediate Past Chair (1 year term) –Fred Troyer–12/31/23
DEI Com. Chair (1 year term)–Bernadette Gerren–12/31/23
GAD/OR Staff (2 year term)–Veronica Cardello–12/31/24
ORLA Alumni (1 year term)–Binger Show–12/31/23-Aptd by ORLA
OR Leadership Team Member (1 year term) – Ali Whitley

7 At-large positions with 3-year terms

Rachel Lewitt – 12/31/25
Jenna Koontz – 12/31/25
Tanya Blair – 12/31/25
Traci Pauley – 12/31/25
Kyle Oberlin  – 12/31/24
Erin Oxender – 12/31/24
Elyse Nedrow – 12/31/24