Ohio Realtors

Leadership Academy Sessions


SESSION 1 | LEVERAGING YOUR LEADERSHIP STYLE | Jan. 10-12 | Nationwide Conference Center | Columbus

This session focuses on the individual and their personality traits. It delves into how the same and different personalities effect outcomes and attitudes. This session will help the individual better understand their thought process on how to interact with other people who may or may not have the same personality type. This session will also explore your why, your passion and the steps it takes to accomplish your goals.

At this time the class will also be given an NAR Grant Project to complete. This project will be presented at the Ohio REALTORS Annual Convention in front of their peers, ORLA Alumni, the ORLA Advisory Board, Ohio REALTORS Executive Committee, any Local Board/Association AE and any other dignitaries invited to the convention.

Each session will conduct a team building exercise and a local board/association executive will be invited to speak to the group about their board/association and area. Depending on location, there may be several board/association executives invited.

SESSION 2 | LEADING IN AN ORGANIZATION | Mar. 29-30 | Burr Oak Lodge | Gouster

The second session of the Leadership Academy will introduce the candidates to what's an association/organization. What is their purpose, all the different types of associations/organizations, how they are structured and how it can help you? We will also touch upon RPAC and what it means, how it works and why it is important. There will also be discussion of Roberts Rules and how a meeting should be run. The class will also participate in a mock meeting.

Special guests have been invited to share their stories of what leadership means to them and how they became leaders.

SESSION 3 | FINDING YOUR VOICE | May 24-25 | AC Hotel | Cleveland

This session focuses on public speaking. A company specializing in public speaking and presentations is brought in to teach the class the ins and outs of what it takes for a successful presentation.

SESSION 4 | WRITING YOUR STORY | Aug. 2-3 | Mohican State Park | Loudenville

This session deals with work-life balance. How to focus on you and give you self-permission for a well-balanced personal and professional life. This is done through a series of exercises and activities.

SESSION 5 | EVERYTHING MATTERS | Sept. 25-26 | Hilton at Easton | Columbus

This session covers Grit. Do you have it? The class is led to understanding the secret of outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence. Class Grant Projects are presented and Class speeches are given during the convention. Graduation is commences during the Grand Session.