Ohio Realtors

Legal Assistance Hotline


The Ohio REALTORS’ Legal Assistance Hotline provides general legal information on a variety of real estate topics, including Ohio license law, agency, commission issues, contract questions, earnest money, and disclosure.

The Legal Hotline is available to the designated REALTOR and principal broker(s) of each brokerage, and managers they designate may have access to the Hotline. The principal broker can also request that one non-management licensee be authorized to use the Hotline. Local Board Presidents and executive officers may also use the Hotline as well.

The Hotline accepts call from 9 a.m. – noon and 1:30-4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Calls are generally answered on the day they are received.

Questions involving an interpretation of NAR’s Code of Ethics, procuring cause, non-real estate related questions or questions that involve complex issues and require extensive research cannot be handled through the Hotline.

Please note that only general legal information is provided via the Hotline and no attorney client relationship is established between the attorneys that staff the Legal Hotline and users of this service. Specific legal advice cannot be provided to REALTORS, their clients or local REALTOR associations through the Hotline.

Brokers can telephone or contact Arica Jones /  at 614.225.6218 for their password, or to register an office manager for the free service.