Ohio Realtors

Legislative Steering Committee


The Legislative Steering Committee reports to the Enlarged Legislative Committee and Executive Committee. The committee shall be composed of 24 members (including the Chairman and Vice Chairman); 13 members shall serve staggered 3 year terms and the following members shall serve one-year terms on the committee: Chairman of RPAC Trustees Committee; Chairman of RPAC Fundraising/Political Affairs Committee; RPIC Chairman; Chairman of Local Government Forum (automatically serves as Vice Chair of the Legislative Steering Committee); A member specializing in C/I activities; An appraiser; Chairman of the Legal Action Committee; One Local Board Chief Executive Officer; Immediate Past Chairman of the Legislative Steering Committee and an auctioneer. Its primary purpose is to review current legislation and make position recommendations thereon.

List of Programs

  • Consult Ohio REALTORS Legal Counsel for Amendments, Research and Analysis
  • Monitor Legislation
  • Recommend Positions on Public Policy
  • Monitor the state budget projections and anticipate any subsequent legislative responses as necessary
  • Issues Mobilization Fund

2021 Leadership:

Chair: Michelle Billings, 12/31/21
Vice Chair: Andy Mills, 12/31/21
EC Liaison: Michelle Billings, 12/31/21
Staff Liaison: Beth Wanless

Jim Fox – 12/31/21
Tim Damiano – 12/31/21
Brian Whitta – 12/31/21
Tim Stanford – 12/31/22
Debbie Barber – 12/31/22
Rachel Lewitt -- 12/31/22
Rich Piraino –12/31/22
John Royer – 12/31/22
Ralph Mantica – 12/31/22
Jeanette Wright – 12/31/23
Heather Dunn – 12/31/23
Terry Hankner – 12/31/23

1-year appointments
CI Appointee – Brant Smith
Appraiser Appointee – John McIntyre
Auctioneer – Jack Amlin
EO Appointee – Carlton Jackson

Position Appointments (1-year appointments)
Immediate Past Chair: Mic Gordon
Legal Action Committee Chair: Jeff Russell
Local Government Forum Chair: Andy Mills
RPAC Fundraising Chair: Joanne Zettl
RPAC Trustees Chair: Cyndi Kane
RPIC Chair