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Local: Akron Cleveland Association

Community Champion Alert! Akron Cleveland Board has supported the following programs by providing - $227,123.72 in funding

  • Cuyahoga Falls Mayor
  • State Rep. Race
  • Akron Mayor
  • Akron Council
  • Maple Heights Mayor
  • Stop Proposed Lead Safety Cleveland Ordinance • Responsible Lead Based Paint Remediation
  • Point of Sale Study 2.0
  • Stop Point of Sale – A Barrier to Homeownership (See video below)
  • Housing Affordability Study – Akron, OH
  • Citizens for the Library’s Future
  • Citizens for Lakewood's Children
  • Partners in Education (Parma CSD Levy)

At one time, the city of Euclid had one of the most challenging Point of Sale (POS) inspections in Northeast Ohio. The POS ordinance required that funds be placed in escrow with the City to cover the costs of any required repairs..a double burden to home buyers.
To eliminate this barrier, the Akron Cleveland Association reached out to Ohio REALTORS for assistance.
Watch video to see how it happened ...