Ohio Realtors

Mail Data Access Policy/Request Form

Legal & Administrative Policy #3-79

Mailing data consists of member name and preferred mailing address. No email addresses will ever be provided. Access to Association membership mailing data will be made available in accordance with the guidelines stated below:

Conditions Covering Data Rental

  1. In consideration for the Ohio REALTORS? (“OR’s”) agreement to rent its labels to the DATA renter for one mailing only, the renter will not disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce, or retain any portion of the label information in any form or manner whatsoever, nor permit any third party, agent, employee or contractor and their respective agents and employees to do so.
  2. The one time use of the data information shall be limited exclusively to the agreed specific merchandise or service described in the complete mailing sample submitted to OR in conjunction with the Agreement. This sample must be approved by OR prior to use of said data. No part of the data information will be used more than once without OR’s written consent and the payment of an additional fee.
  3. Data renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless OR from any and all claims, damages, losses or expenses, however incurred, occasioned by the use of said data by data renter or any of those referred to above.
  4. It is understood and agreed that the data rented will be monitored to prevent improper and unauthorized use, by a combination of one or more methods of computer control and/or planted, and/or varied, names and addresses, or combinations of these and others, to all of which data renter consents and agrees.
  5. Data is available by licensure status or by association and/or board membership.
  6. Only MIS department is permitted to provide data.

(Created: 1979; Revised: 1993, 2011)

Label Rental Request Form


Labels are available on laser labels or in electronic form. Label rental fee is based on the number of labels ordered as follows:

  • 1-100 names $50
  • 101-500 names $100 501-5,000 names $200
  • 5,001-10,000 names $500 first request ($200 for subsequent requests within 12-months)
  • 10,000 + names $900 first request ($500 for subsequent requests within 12-months)

Staff: Cherie Murray /  or Shirley Reed /