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Ohio Home Sales Activity Reporting Methodologies

Existing Home Sales

Existing home sales data represents reported closings for new and existing single-family homes and condominiums/co-ops. The data is provided to OAR monthly by Multiple Listing Services in Ohio, representing at least 95 percent of MLS activity in Ohio within any given month.

Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Existing Statewide Home Sales Data

Seasonal adjustment is an often used method of more accurately reporting data that is affected by patterned/typical seasonal movements within years. Seasonally adjusting the data removes the predictable pattern and allows discernment as to whether movement is due to the predictable pattern or to the effect of something else going on (economy fluctuations, cold winter) The adjusted rate is annualized to allow comparisons of months within a year and comparisons to quarters. Statistical software that has the U.S. Census Bureau's X-12 ARIMA seasonal adjustment program built in is used to adjust the data.