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Scott Williams touts efforts to stem Ohio's opioid crisis (Feb. 14, 2019, Ohio REALTORS Buzz)

Every day, 115 Americans die from an opioid overdose. Ohio REALTORS is a proud member of the @OhioOpioidEducationAlliance, and are committed to preventing the misuse and abuse of opioids. It can take as little as five minutes, but talking to your kids about drugs can reduce their chances of using by 50%. Join Ohio REALTORS and the Alliance as part of the @OhioOpioidEducationAlliance.
#DontLiveinDenial ... #OpioidEducation

The opioid epidemic is impacting all corners of life in our state. No household is immune, regardless of socioeconomic background. The Alliance was formed to prevent our children and youth from misusing prescription opioids. Most parents are aware of the opioid problem, but the vast majority don’t believe opioid abuse is a threat to their child. In reality, opioid addiction is likely to start with the abuse of unused or unsecured prescription opioids that pervade Ohio households.

That’s where the Alliance...and organizations such as Ohio REALTORS...can make a difference.

The Alliance’s sole purpose is to promote and amplify the Don’t Live in Denial campaign. The campaign is based on qualitative and quantitative research and aims to shift the mindsets of parents and caregivers. We want parents and caregivers to move from the “not my kid” mentality to an acknowledgement that prescription opioids are a threat and there are specific actions that can be taken to protect our younger generation from future opioid misuse.

In September, 2018 Ohio REALTORS’s became a participant in the Ohio Opioid Alliance. Our involvement is very simple and very focused. We need our Local Associations, to help amplify this very important program. 

Please promote the campaign through your appropriate communications channels. That could mean sharing Alliance content on your social media channels, promoting the campaign via Board newsletters, blogs, intranet communications or other means that will resonate in your area.

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