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Ohio REALTORS Directors

The final decision making power within the structure of Ohio REALTORS rests with its Board of Directors. By provision of the Code of Regulations, they are given the authority over all Association activities and programs.

Directors are chosen by the individual boards/associations and must be reported no later than November 30 of each year. Each board may also appoint a sufficient number of alternates to equal the number of Directors appointed and may then designate an alternate to act as a Director in place of the appointed Director by advance notice to the Association.

The Board of Directors is made up of the following:

  • Board Presidents
  • One Director for each member board for the first 150 board members or major fraction thereof, and one additional Director for each additional 150 board members or major fraction thereof in excess of the first 150 members.
  • One Director for each Ohio Chapter of a recognized and sponsored Institute, Society or Council of NAR
  • Ohio REALTORS Past Presidents who continue to be REALTOR members of Ohio REALTORS
  • Executive Committee members
  • Ohio Distinguished Service Award Recipients who continue to be REALTOR members of OR
    Committee and Forum Chairmen
  • Full-time, paid Executive Officers / ex-officio, without vote 
  • Director-at-Large positions / up to five appointments made by the President 
  • Regional Association Presidents / ex-officio members with vote

A Director is responsible for attending all Director meetings to weigh all recommendations coming to the Board of Directors and vote on those recommendations in the best interest of Ohio REALTORS.

The Director is also responsible to the individual Board appointing them Director to obtain Local Board input on all issues affecting Ohio REALTORS prior to making a decision on how to vote on any issue. It is recognized that some issues will arise at a meeting and must be voted on at that meeting without an opportunity for the Director to discuss the issue with his Board leadership and in such instances, the Director should use their own judgment in weighing the needs of the Association and the Local Board.

Member & Director Forums are held prior to each Director meeting in an effort to clarify matters scheduled to come before the Board of Directors during the meeting. The sessions are designed to give Directors a chance to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere prior to the Directors Meeting.

Attendance at the Board of Directors meeting is crucial, since the Local Board point of view can only be made known to the Association through the Directors. No one should be appointed or asked to serve as an Ohio REALTORS Director unless they make a commitment to the Board that they will attend the meetings.

Agendas are sent to the Directors informing them of issues the Association knows in advance will be discussed at the Directors meeting. Each Director will receive a packet of information when they register for the meetings. They will also receive any updated information when they check in by District before the meeting begins so they will have all the materials necessary for the Directors meeting, including any committee or forum recommendations and recommendations from the Executive Committee.