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Ohio REALTORS Scholarship Foundation

Ohio REALTORS Scholarship Foundation

Ensuring the Future of a Rewarding Profession...Real Estate

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Article: Ohio REALTORS Scholarship Fund announces 2022 recipients (Ohio REALTORS Buzz, Dec. 1, 2022)

What is the Foundation?

The Ohio REALTORS Charitable and Educational Fund was established by action of the Board of Trustees in 1980, and subsequently was given non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service. The purpose of the fund is the establishment of scholarships for students actively pursuing at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in real estate at Ohio’s colleges or universities.

The fund is set-up as an endowment to permit the Trustees of the Fund to offer the interest from the principal for scholarships.

Under normal circumstances, a gift to The Ohio REALTORS Charitable and Educational Fund does not cost the donor as much as the foundation receives, whether the donor gives from income or capital. Whatever the gift or manner of making it, the tax savings can be substantial. The trustees reserve the right to accept or refuse any gift.

What better way to ensure the future of such a rewarding profession!

By giving to the Ohio REALTORS Charitable and Educational Foundation, you will help a student offset the ever-rising cost of college--and that student, with your help, could be the highest caliber of sales associate to represent the profession.

The person obtaining the award also has the distinction of receiving a scholarship from the Ohio REALTORS Charitable and Educational Foundation, something he or she will be proud of for the rest of their lives. In addition, you will be proud of the distinction of having presented a gift to the Foundation.

One of the highest achievements a profession can offer to its future is a truly strong and viable Scholarship Foundation to last in perpetuity.

Consider offering a gift to the Ohio REALTORS Charitable and Educational Foundation and be part of a bright future for the real estate industry.

  • Cash ... Cash gifts may be mutually beneficial, resulting in immediate tax savings for the donor and immediately providing the Foundation with funds. A cash contribution is deductible on your federal income tax return for the year in which it was paid.
  • Memorials ... Another method of donation is to offer a contribution as a memorial to you or that of a family member or close friend. This is an extremely thoughtful way to pay tribute to a person’s life and achievements.
  • Real Estate ... Giving real estate is another convenient way for you to make a gift to the Foundation. Before completing the transfer you must notify the Foundation.
  • Personal Property...Sometimes, donors possess valuable works of art, jewelry, furniture, antiques, rare books, manuscripts and other items, which they like to donate.
  • Life Insurance...Life insurance policies can be an especially convenient form of gift to the Foundation. You may assign the Foundation as beneficiary, co-beneficiary, a secondary remainder or residual beneficiary. Proceeds paid upon death serve to reduce estate taxes.
  • Tax Implications ... Gifts to the Ohio REALTORS Charitable and Educational Foundation qualify as charitable contributions, which entitle the donor to federal income, estate and gift tax deductions. Any prospective donor is advised to consult a legal and/or tax counsel concerning his individual situation and the respective tax codes.

The Ohio REALTORS Charitable and Educational Fund
200 E. Town Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 225-6210

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