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Policy Position: Licensing & Professionalism

Licensing and Regulation
Ohio REALTORS pledges to work cooperatively with the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing and other government agencies. Staff will collaborate when possible and necessary to ensure REALTOR members interests are being represented.

Ohio REALTORS supports regulations and legislation that ensure professionalism in the real estate industry, but that such do not unreasonably restrict business practices or impose unnecessary burdens on the industry. Ohio REALTORS will continue to work with the Legislature, and the Division of Real Estate and other policymakers to illustrate the importance of high standards in the practice of real estate.

Further, Ohio REALTORS supports technological improvements of the Divisions systems to ensure the timely processing of applicants and current licensees when conducting business with the Division. We believe continued modernization of the Division will help licensees and prospective licensees and allow real estate professionals to continue to serve their clients and communities.

Home Inspector License
Ohio REALTORS supports a home inspector licensing program in Ohio. The inspection of a residential property is one of the most important steps in the home purchase process. Instituting consistent standards of practice, education and competency is important to ensure a smooth inspection process.

Agency Relationships and Responsibilities
Ohio REALTORS continues its commitment to the timely disclosure of agency relationships to Ohio's consumers in a meaningful way. It also is committed to reasonable policies and assure that REALTORS are complying with the fiduciary obligations owed to their clients.

Industry and Professional Liability
Ohio REALTORS supports legislative and regulatory policies that clearly define the obligations and standards imposed on real estate professionals, but that do not unreasonably place additional duties on the licensee and expose them to disciplinary action and civil liability. These requirements should be well-defined so that they are not subject to varying interpretation, thereby exposing REALTORS to potential liability. Additionally, any legislation should confirm the duty of the client to conduct their own due diligence so they have a full understanding of their real estate transaction.

Due to the COVID pandemic, Ohio REALTORS supports policies that provide civil immunity to individuals and businesses to prevent frivolous lawsuits for unintended and inadvertent COVID transmission.