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Policy Position: Residential Investment & Property Management

Landlord and Tenant Issues
Ohio REALTORS supports policies that provide fairness and balance between a landlord and tenant. Tenants should be able to enjoy and use of the property within the rights outlined in a lease or other agreement.

We oppose legislation that would unduly restrict or diminish the rights of the landlord or housing provider. We oppose policies that would put unfair mandates on the landlord or housing provider or restricts their ability to use their property as intended. We assert that property owners should be able to financially benefit from a real property investment if a favorable market allows, without the interference from a government entity.

Additionally, we oppose blanket eviction bans as they fail to consider the financial responsibilities and liabilities of the property owner. Eviction bans that relieve all tenants (both residential and commercial) of the obligation to pay rent do not take into consideration the entire rental situation and can create an unfair playing field for property owners and housing providers. When considering such policies, a comprehensive approach to the issue must be undertaken that factors in the landlords financial obligations, including mortgage payments, utilities, staff costs, and other expenses.

Instead, in certain situations (COVID, other emergencies) we support rental assistance that is paid directly to the housing provider to ensure no interruption of services or payment.

Source of Income Protections
Ohio REALTORS opposes policies that would prohibit housing providers from refusing to rent to tenants based upon the source of their income. (i.e. the Housing Choice Voucher Program administered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.) The Housing Choice Voucher Program was developed and intended to be a voluntary program for housing providers to offer housing options to certain low-income residents. While Ohio REALTORS supports this program, a private property owner should be able to decide if they want to participate in the program that entails additional requirements and inspections.