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What is an SPC?

Key Ohio REALTORS are asked to maintain relationships with specific members of the Ohio General Assembly to keep them up-to-date on REALTOR issues. They stay in touch throughout the year in the legislator's home district as well as at the State Capitol to help reinforce the Association's legislative agenda. See Local Board Jurisdictional Map featuring Board staff, Legislators & SPCs.

The Issues

What happens at the State Capitol has real-world consequences. Grassroots communications help put a human face on the issues that affect our industry and let members of the General Assembly know that the choices they make affect the lives of their constituents. The fact, ideas and industry information you share with state lawmakers will help them make more informed decisions so they can more effectively legislate on REALTOR issues in the General Assembly.

The Program

Ohio REALTORS relies on State Political Coordinators to advocate on policy initiatives that will result in a sound and dynamic Ohio real estate market and foster vibrant communities in which to live and work.

Legislators want to know how a specific issue will affect their districts and look to SPCs for answers. It's your voice and experience that will help guide their decisions.


Federal Political Coordinator Program

The Federal Political Coordinator program runs through the National Association of REALTORS. However, Ohio REALTORS play an important role facilitating conversation between Ohio’s FPCs and NAR. 

SPC Field Report

State Political Coordinator

Public Policy Staff


Beth Wanless
Governmental Affairs



Stephen Ciacchi