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Presidents Sales Club FAQs


General President’s Sales Club FAQs

Q: What is the President’s Sales Club?
The President’s Sales Club is an award that each individual and team must apply for each year. Depending on your transactions during the year (July 1 of the previous year through June 30 of the current year) will determine which level you have attained. The years are not accumulative, and you do not need to start at the first level to be able to move to the next highest.

Q: Is there a fee for this award? What is included in this fee?
Yes, there is a fee for the President’s Sales Club. This fee entitles you to be able to market yourself/team as a member of the President’s Sales Club. You will also receive a certificate with your Official Letter of Notification that is emailed to you in August. The fee also helps pay for the event that is held in your honor at the Annual Convention and Expo. This is an annual fee and must be paid with your application each year.

There are additional fees should you want a plaque.

Q: My company has a President’s Sales Club Report; will you accept this?
Yes, we will accept your company’s President’s Sales Club Report as long as it is in the same format as the Ohio REALTORS transaction sheets AND it accompanies the Ohio REALTORS Application form.

Q: What if I switch Brokerages in the middle of the year?
If you have switched Real Estate Brokerages within the President’s Sales Club year, both Brokers must sign the transaction pages. If the broker from the Previous firm is unwilling to sign, have the current broker send a letter stating the unwillingness of the previous broker.

Q: What happens if I miss the deadline to apply?
You can still submit your President’s Sales Club Application until to July 31. However, applications must be received/postmarked between July 22 and July 31 must include a $100 late fee in addition to the application fee. No applications will be accepted after this final deadline date.

Team President's Sales Club FAQs

Q: What is the definition of a team for purposes of the President’s Sales Club awards?
A: A team exists when two or more REALTORS within a brokerage meet the following three part test:

  • They have a business affiliation with one another to list and sell real estate ;
  • They do so as a matter of routine practice; and
  • They hold themselves out to the public as a team in marketing or social media

Q: If I am a member of a team as a defined above, can I still apply for the Individual Presidents Sales Club Award?
A: No. If you are on a team, you cannot receive an individual award. Only the team qualifies for Presidents Sales Club Award.

Q: Does it matter whether I report the sales to the MLS under the team leader’s name or under my own name?
A: No. How credit for the transaction is determined or divided among team members is not a factor. If you are on a team as defined in the rules, you cannot apply for an individual award.

Q: I occasionally co-list properties with another agent in my office. We also cover for each other when we are on vacation. Does that make us a team?
A: Probably not. You would only be considered a team if you had a business affiliation with one another as a routine practice and held yourselves out as a team in your marketing.

Q: I have a licensed assistant who primarily performs administrative duties. He does not list or sell and we don’t call ourselves a team. Can I apply for the individual award?
A: Yes, since you do not meet the definition of a team, you can apply for the individual award.

Q: I have two licensed agents who work for me, doing administrative tasks, but they also routinely help me with showings, interact with clients and perform licensed activity. I do include them in my marketing pieces and have referred to them as part of “my team” on facebook and other advertising. I really think of them as assistants. Can I apply as an individual or do I have to apply as a team?
A: In this case, because you have a business affiliation, they are performing licensed activity on a routine basis and you have marketed yourself as a team, you would be considered to be a team.

Q: I just joined a team. Can I apply for the individual award for the transactions I had before I joined the team?
A: Yes.

Q: I was previously associated with a team, but left 6 months ago. Can I use some of the transactions I had when I was with the team to qualify for the individual award?
A: No. If you want to apply for the individual award you can only use those transactions you handled as an individual after you left the team.

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