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PSC: Verification and Audit Procedures



The Level of Attainment and Method of Production must be properly indicated on the application. The transaction form must be signed by the applicant and include the signature of the broker and/or office manager serving as verification of the transactions included on the form. If the agent is claiming transactions from more than one company during the eligibility period, each broker and/or office manager must certify the sales while in his/her office.


Ohio REALTORS reserves the right to randomly audit applications to verify all sales claimed. No audits will be conducted beyond Sept. 1. If audited, copies of signed listing agreements, purchase contracts and other requested documents must be submitted in a timely manner. Failure to provide the requested documents within the time frame given may result in disqualification.

If the Level of Attainment applied for is not met, the application will automatically default to the next lower Level of Attainment category.

If audited and a transaction is disqualified, resulting in the reduction of an award level, no further transactions can be submitted. Ohio REALTORS encourages you to submit any and all sales transactions with the original application. Once the application deadline has passed, additional transactions will not be accepted.

Once a President’s Sales Club application is submitted, it becomes property of the Ohio REALTORS and all sales information is confidential and secured. Applicants being considered for the “Top 5” awards will be audited and notified in advance that the audited application will be shared and reviewed by the “Top 5” Audit Committee.


Failure to abide by these rules or the submission of false information may result in disqualification of the company and/or the individual or individuals involved in participating in the Ohio REALTORS President’s Sales Club award program for the current and/or following award year.

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