Ohio Realtors

Real Property Valuation Forum


To monitor and evaluate any activities in the State of Ohio pertaining to appraisals or appraisers. It also reviews all pertinent legislation applying to the appraisal industry.


  • Continue to monitor AMC issue
  • Consider meeting via conference call or Webex if necessary to meet in addition to Winter Conference
  • Write appraisal related articles for use in OHIO REALTOR or eConnections

Chair: Bob Miller
Vice Chair: Judi Patriski
EC Liaison: Brian Whitta
Staff Liaison: Scott Williams

2019 Forum Members
CC indicates Corresponding Member

James L. Abele, RCE, CC
Joann E. Amos
Darlene B. Breen, CRS, CC
Ann E. Ciardelli, CC
Stan E. Collins, RCE, CC
Robert L. Colvin, CC
Sarah C. Ford, CC
David W. Freitag, RCE, CEO, CC
Deborah K. Hafner
Jonathan M. Hall, GAA
Patricia Anne Hanna, CC
Adam P. Hanzie, CC
Stan A. Hartke, CC
Courtney Carol
Jean Hatfield, CC
Sondra R. King, CC
Brad Knapp, CRB
Andrew Leirer
John J. Lynch
Michael Lee Martin, CC
Allan B. Pintner, CC
Veronica L. Ramos
Paul C. Renwick, CRS, CC
Sara E. Riesen, CC
Scott W. Simms
Shaun Thomas Simpson, CC
Sherry Stell, EO, CC
Dolores Ann Warner, CC
James M. West, CRB
Lisa Yelichek, RCE, CC