Ohio Realtors

RPAC Fundraising Forum


The purpose of the RPAC fundraising forum is to allow members to share new ideas to assist them in planning their local RPAC fundraising events.

Additionally, the forum creates the opportunity for local boards and RPAC committees to network with surrounding boards and committees, learn from one another, focus on RPAC education, and grow grassroots engagement. It encourages active participation in board RPAC campaigns and allows Ohio realtor party leadership the chance to give guidance and assistance.

List of Programs

  • Implement Grassroots Initiative
  • Local Board RPAC Chairman Support
  • Maintain Political Communications Network & Train Key Contacts
  • RPAC Awards Programs
  • RPAC Recognition Breakfast
  • RPAC Event
  • RPAC Manual

2021 Leadership:

Chair: Joanne Zettl
Vice Chair: Rebecca Donatelli
EC Liaison: Ann Blair
Staff Liaison: Stephen Ciacchi