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Welcome to Ohio REALTORS Spam Central

From time-to-time we have all had to ask ourselves, "This is from Ohio REALTORS. It looks different. Should we open, or not?" Organizations everywhere are facing this dilemma.

With our members in mind, we have created this resource page for you to be able to determine if it's spam or actually a legitimate email. If something is out there that is not legitimate we will let you know here. Please bookmark this page and let it serve as your resource for any 'spam' you may receive from Ohio REALTORS.

For any questions or concerns, contact Kyle Meister,

In the email (at right) there are a number of clues that should tell you this is not legimate ... it's SPAM ...

  1. Look at the sender's email you can clearly see it is not coming from . This will be your first clue not to open.
  2. We will never send you a secure document from oar@ohiorealtors. We only use this email for online publications. These publications are never secure.
  3. The Convention took place Sept. 18-21. This spam email dates Oct. 31.

Open or not open? DO NOT OPEN

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