Ohio Realtors

Staff Responsibilities for Programs/Services


(Photo: Staffers Jenna Bragg and Stacey Dawson with Ohio REALTORS Past President Sara Calo)


ABR Designation / Garry Moon
Accounts Receivable/Payable / Shauna Brown/Mary Ann Sullivan
Address Change Notification / Nikki Arnold
Affiliate Membership / Nikki Arnold
Appraisal Certification / Deanna Wright
Appraisal Committee / Beth Wanless
Appraisal Education / Garry Moon
Appraisal Forum / Beth Wanless
Appraisal Legislation / Beth Wanless
Arbitration & Mediation Procedures / Sharon Sample
Association Management Services / Sharon Sample
Attorney Roundtables / Peg Ritenour/Lorie Garland


Board Leadership Training / Sharon Sample
Business Technology Forum / Cherie Murray
Budget / Shauna Brown/MaryAnn Sullivan
Building Management / Robin Jennings


CEO Correspondence / Debbie Dillon
CEO/Staff/Elected Officer Travel / Debbie Dillon
C/I Committee / Lorie Garland/Arica Jones
Commercial/Industrial Education / Garry Moon
Committee Service Requests/Inquiries / Debbie Dillon
Communications Programming / Carl Horst
Community Service Programs / Carl Horst
Computer Programming / Cherie Murray/Shirley Reed
Continuing Education Certificates/Registration/Analysis / Deanna Wright
Continuing Education Certification / Deanna Wright
Continuing Education Instructors / Garry Moon
Convention App / Nikki Gasbarro
Convention & Meeting Planning / Jenna Bragg/Stacey Dawson
Convention & Meeting Registration / Nikki Arnold
Convention Website / Nikki Gasbarro
Co-sponsored C.E. Programs / Garry Moon


Directors / Scott Williams/Debbie Dillon
Distinguished Service Award Selection Group/ Nikki Gasbarro
District Vice Presidents / Debbie Dillon
District Vice Presidents Newsletter / Carl Horst/Nikki Gasbarro
Dues Billing / Nikki Arnold
Dues Policies / Cherie Murray
Dues Remittance / Cherie Murray/Shirley Reed/NikkiArnold


e-Commerce / Cherie Murray
e-Connections electronic newsletter / Nikki Gasbarro
Education Calendar & Marketing / Deanna Wright
Education Programming / Garry Moon
Employee Benefits / Robin Jennings
Enlarged Legislative Committee / Carrie Arblaster/Beth Wanless
Equal Opppportunity-Diversity / Sharon Sample
Executive Committee / Scott Williams/Debbie Dillon
Elected Officers / Debbie Dillon


Finance Committee / Scott Williams/Shauna Brown


Governing Documents & Policy Assistance / Sharon Sample
Global Business Advisory Committee / Carrie Arblaster
Grassroots Initiatives / Carrie Arblaster/Spencer Gross
Graduate REALTORS Institute (GRI) / Garry Moon
Graphic Designer / Laura Peshek


Housing Data-Statistics /Carl Horst
Human Resources / Robin Jennings


Industry Legal Update Seminars / Peg Ritenour/Lorie Garland/Garry Moon
Institutes, Societies & Councils / Jenna Bragg
Issues Mobilization / Spencer Gross


Leadership Conference / Jenna Bragg/Debbie Dillon
Leadership Academy / Stacey Dawson
Leadership Training (Local Boards) / Sharon Sample
Legal Action Committee / Peg Ritenour/Lorie Garland
Legal Assistance Hotline / Peg Ritenour/Lorie Garland/Arica Jones
Legal Issues Forum / Peg Ritenour/Lorie Garland
Legislative House & Senate / Carrie Arblaster/Beth Wanless/Spencer Gross/Stephen Ciacchi
Legislative Spring Conference / Carrie Arblaster/Beth Wanless/Spencer Gross/Stephen Ciacchi
Leadership Summit / Debbie Dillon
Legislative Issues/Programming / Carrie Arblaster/Beth Wanless/Spencer Gross/Stephen Ciacchi
Legislative Steering /Carrie Arblaster/Beth Wanless
Lobbying / Carrie Arblaster/Beth Wanless/Spencer Gross/Stephen Ciacchi
Local Board Media Support / Carl Horst
Local Government Forum / Spencer Gross
Lunch Box Economics / Carl Horst


Mail Room Operation / Deb Quinn
Meeting Room Reservations / Deb Quinn
Member Boards/Associations Projects / Sharon Sample
Member Discounts/Offers / Garry Moon
Member Services Programming / Stacey Dawson
Membership Records (Local Boards) / Nikki Arnold
MLS Assistance and Forum / Sharon Sample
My REALTOR Party / Stephen Ciacchi


NAR Committees / Debbie Dillon
NAR Core Standards / Sharon Sample
NAR Designations/Certifications / Garry Moon
NAR Directors / Scott Williams/Debbie Dillon
NAR Meetings & Convention / Debbie Dillon
New Member Contact / Deb Quinn
News Media & Releases / Carl Horst
Nominating Committee / Debbie Dillon
NRDS / Cherie Murray/Nikki Arnold


Office Supplies / Deb Quinn
Ohio REALTOR Charitable & Educational Fund Trustees / Garry Moon
OHIO REALTOR Editorial / Carl Horst/Nikki Gasbarro/Laura Peshek
On-Line Education / Garry Moon


Past Presidents Committee / Scott Williams
Political Activity & RPAC Fundraisng / Stephen Ciacchi
Presidents Columns / Nikki Gasbarro
Presidents Sales Club / Stacey Dawson
Products & Services / Garry Moon
Professional Development / Garry Moon
Professional Standards Forum / Sharon Sample
Professional Standards and Mediation Training / Sharon Sample
Professional Standards Administration/Training / Sharon Sample
Property Management & Investment Forum / Lorie Garland
Property Management Programming / Garry Moon
Public Relations / Carl Horst


REALTOR of the Year / Stacey Dawson
Residential Property Management/Investment Forum / Lorie Garland
RPAC Campaign Reports / Shirley Reed
RPAC Check Requests, Financial Statements / Shauna Brown
RPAC Entitlement Program / Shauna Brown
RPAC Contributions (Aristotle) / Shirley Reed
RPAC Contact/Awards/Reports / Stephen Ciacchi/Debbie Dillon
RPAC Trustees / Carrie Arblaster/Stephen Ciacchi


Scholarship Committee / Garry Moon
Social Media -- Nikki Gasbarro/Laura Peshek
State-Federal Political Coordinator Contact / Spencer Gross
Strategic Planning Committee / Scott Williams


Tomorrow's Leaders Today (TLT) / Sharon Sample


Video / Carl Horst/Nikki Gasbarro/Laura Peshek


Website Management / Nikki Gasbarro/Cherie Murray


Young Professionals Network & Council / Nikki Gasbarro
Young Professionals Network of the Year Award / Nikki Gasbarro