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Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability Efforts

Ohio REALTORS increases focus on sustainability in the real estate industry

(eZine article Winter 2022)

In 2021, President Seth Task appointed a Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) on Sustainability. The group’s task was to come up with a long-range plan to promote sustainability and energy efficiency practices to Ohio REALTORS members and public. The PAG submitted a report of it’s suggested strategies and strategies were approved by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors as guidelines for Ohio REALTORS moving forward.

Ohio REALTORS is working hard to build awareness and create a culture of sustainability at the association and with its members. Changes with a focus on environmentally friendly outcomes have already been put into place with the 2021 building renovation, including:

  • LED Exterior Lighting
  • High Efficiency Boiler replacement
  • New windows that block UV rays and keep office spaces cooler
  • Film on windows that regulate temperature inside the building
  • Make Up Air unit that is healthier for staff by circulating air from the outside
  • LED Lighting throughout the building, common areas
  • A new vestibule featuring double door airlock on rear entrance to control heat/cool, serving as a buffer between interior and exterior
  • Window Shades (also called Solar Shades) – that help with transference of heat
  • Occupancy sensors in private offices and common areas
  • New landscaping installed including trees and plants. A new cement walkway was also installed, that reduces the amount of runoff from the cement.
  • A new water filtration system to cut back on usage of water bottles
  • A renewed emphasis on recycling of paper, plastic and aluminum

There will also be an increased presence with sustainability topics on social media, including a “did you know” campaign that will share ways that REALTORS and consumers can be more sustainable in their day to day lives.

Sustainability in real estate will remain a focus for Ohio REALTORS moving forward, as a Sustainability Advisory group has been created to advise staff and leadership on additional practices and policies to be implemented by the association.

Ohio REALTORS looks forward to reducing its carbon footprint now and into the future.

Additional Resources: 

  • Sustainability Resource Guide ( - This resource tells NAR’s sustainability story and guides REALTOR® boards and members through common sustainability topics, case studies, industry partnerships, policy overview, internal programs and research.
  •  - This resource will guide you through identifying your association’s needs, building a plan to foster positive change, and specific actions and activities to help you meet your goals.
  • REALTORS® and Sustainability: Residential (  - In March 2024, NAR surveyed its members about sustainability issues facing the residential real estate industry. The findings and full report can be found here. 
  • ESG+R Report ( - This year, NAR continues the tradition of publishing its annual Environmental, Social, Governance and Resilience (ESG+R) report. This report reviews and aggregates the major sustainability accomplishments and activities for NAR in the 2023 calendar year. The report outlines four major areas based on the NAR Sustainability and Resilience Plan. These four areas are Environment, Social, Governance, and Resilience.

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