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Coaching Corner: Let’s talk

Jul 19, 2019

By Marilou Butcher Roth, Master Coach

Today I want to chat about being pro-active rather than reactive. We have all established by now that things happen--they just do! The trick is how we handle the events that throw us off kilter. Early in my real estate career I observed how quickly agents (myself included) would jump to show a home, or sprint to a listing appointment in the fear that we may miss an opportunity and someone else might “win.” We react--it happens.

So...how might we shift this paradigm? How can we exist with more balance and less chaos? It takes focus and commitment. It begins with you! Today I want you to imagine yourself as a savings account. You must be making deposits if you plan to make withdrawals! I can tell you that I know many, many people who are withdrawn beyond comfort, overwhelmed and exhausted, and sometimes even illness.

How do you make deposits into yourself? What does the idea of self care mean to you? If you find yourself jumping into the, “but I don’t have enough time as it is” camp, then you truly had better keep reading. Unfortunately, I also realize that the folks that need this the most are probably never going to access this blog due to their “busy-ness.”

This week, find ways to make deposits. Create some space that you may think doesn’t exist--it does! There isn’t a right way to do this and you can’t screw it up. Imagine what might feel good to you, what connects you back to yourself. It may be reading, or meeting a friend for coffee. It could be listening to something uplifting or even turning up the tunes and dancing as you prepare for your day. When we get ourselves into the mental space of “not enough time,” the account that is us will deplete extremely quickly, leaving nothing but anxiety and stress and what you are giving to others is a mere fraction of what it could be!

Find yourself! Commit to YOU! Think about what you hear each time you board a plane. The flight attendant tells us each time that, if there is a need to use the oxygen masks, put it on yourself first before helping someone else. As you learn to make healthy deposits into the YOU account, you will find you are experiencing more ease and a greater ability to not go off the rails when something does happen. You will be building a foundation that is strong, able to flow rather than crumble.

These can be stressful times--it doesn’t mean you need to walk around squeezing a stress ball. Make a list of actions/activities (or lack of) that would equate to a deposit. Then determine how you might become consistent with your deposits. Build your account! Enjoy!



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