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Cannon selected to participate in 2020 NAR Leadership Academy

Aug 28, 2019

Congratulations to Ohio REALTOR Cole Cannon, of Columbus, for his selection into the National Association of REALTORS 2020 Leadership Academy class. Eighteen REALTORS from across the country have been chosen to participate in the 10-month program designed to prepare emerging state and local volunteers for future leadership roles at NAR.
“We are very proud of Cole's accomplishment. This experience will equip him with tools for future opportunities at the local, state and national levels,” said Anjanette Frye, 2019 Ohio REALTORS President. "Cole was a graduate of the Ohio REALTORS 2017 Leadership Academy and now with this accomplishment, I know he will go far in the REALTOR organization."

A total of eight comprehensive, interactive online courses and in-person experiences will help prepare graduates to represent NAR and its 1.3 million members in the years to come--continuing the association’s long-standing and successful volunteer leadership structure. In addition to Cannon, the other REALTORS selected to participate in the 2020 NAR Leadership Class are:

  • Kelly Benton (NC)
  • Travis Bushaw (IA)
  • Cole Cannon (OH)
  • Drew Coleman (OR)
  • James Dewling (MI)
  • Becky Karpe (OK)
  • Jenea Kennedy (GA)
  • Darryl Macha (HI)
  • Casey McLoed (CA)
  • Natalie Moyer (KS)
  • Peter Murray (MD)
  • Louis Nimkoff (FL)
  • Teresa Pitt (NC)
  • Sher Powers (TN)
  • Adam Schwend (OR)
  • Stacy Stahl (FL)
  • Jennifer Vucetic (NY)
  • Christian Zarif (KS)

The program will begin in January 2020 and culminate at the 2020 REALTORS Conference and Expo in New Orleans next November.

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