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11 Local Boards earn top RPAC honors!

Feb 11, 2020

Ohio REALTORS and 11 of its Local Boards/Associations earned top honors from the National Association of REALTORS for fundraising excellence in 2019.

As previously announced, Ohio REALTORS earned the "Triple Crown Award" for the second consecutive year, exceeding goal in the campaign's main categories of fundraising, Major Investors and disbursement.

Also noteworthy, 11 Local Boards/Associations in Ohio have been named recipients of both the "Triple Crown" and "President's Cup" for their RPAC efforts over the past year. 

"The success we achieved in raising involvement and support for the profession's vitally important RPAC campaign is due, in large measure, to the hard work and strong commitment found at the local level," said Immediate Past President Anjanette "AJ" Frye. "Since RPAC’s creation more than 50 years ago, Ohio has been a leader in strengthening the industry’s voice at all levels of government. Much thanks to the thousands of Ohio REALTORS who invested in their profession with a contribution to RPAC."

Congratulations to our 2019 "Triple Crown Award" and "President's Cup" recipients: Ashland Board, Dayton REALTORS, Firelands Association, Heartland Board, Licking County Board, Midwestern Ohio Association, Springfield Board, Warren Area Board, Wayne-Holmes Association, West Central Association, and Youngstown Columbiana Association.

In order to obtain the Local Triple Crown Award, local associations must be onboard the PAC Management System and meet the following criteria:

  1. Meet or exceed local's share of their state's National RPAC Fundraising Goal;
  2. Meet or exceed local's Participation criteria.

The criteria for the Local President's Cup Award criteria includes:

  1. Must minimally achieve an average response rate of 20 percent on NAR Calls for Action;
  2. Meet or exceed local's share of their state's National RPAC Fundraising Goal;
  3. Local association meet or exceed 37 percent participation.

CLICK HERE for a complete listing of the 444 Local Associations who won the "Triple Crown Award." CLICK HERE for a complete listing of the 427 Local Associations who won the "President's Cup" in 2019.

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