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Secretary of State LaRose encourages Ohioans to prepare for the upcoming election

Aug 24, 2020

By Allison Wiley, Ohio REALTORS Director of Digital Marketing

Voting day is Nov. 3 and we are encouraging all Ohio REALTORS to make sure their voice is heard this election year. We have partnered up with Secretary of State Frank LaRose to help you prepare for the upcoming election. Ohio will have early in-person voting, vote-by-mail, and in-person voting on Election Day. Now is the time to plan how you will vote. 

Yes, it is a presidential election year, but keep in mind that on Nov. 3, your vote will collectively determine 616 federal, state, and local government officials and 95 statewide ballot measures. That’s why we want REALTORS to vote! 

Ways to get involved: 

  • Make sure you are registered, or register to vote, at VoteOhio.gov; 
  • The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 5;
  • You can also download a form at VoteOhio.gov, or pick up a form at any public library, high school, Job and Family Services office or BMV office; 
  • Choose your voting option; 
  • By mail; 
  • Print your absentee ballot request form at VoteOhio.gov;
  • Early in-person;
  • At your polling place on election day; 
  • Sign up to be a poll worker. This year, given the public health crisis, the need for new poll workers is more pressing than ever before; 
  • Visit VoteOhio.gov/DefendDemocracy

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