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Division offers online search for licensed home inspectors

Jul 1, 2021

Beginning today, July 1, the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing is enforcing the state's new home inspector licensure requirements.

In short, effective today any inspection must be performed by a home inspector who is licensed by the Division, unless the individual is exempt under the statutory provisions. Currently about 1,000 inspectors have been licensed by the Division.

Although not required by law, licensees typically provide the names of home inspectors to buyers or sellers. Under the new regulations, if a real estate licensee or brokerage chooses to provide such information to either a buyer or seller, the names of at least three actively licensed home inspectors must be provided.

REALTORS can access the Division's website where you can search licensed home inspectors by name by CLICKING HERE.

Here are the steps to view and download a list of all licensed home inspectors in Ohio, or to narrow that list by county, while at the Division's site:

1. Choose the Generate Roster(s) option at the bottom of the License Look Up page

2. Click Real Estate and Profession Licensing

3. Click on [select criteria]

4. Select the License Type by scrolling to Ohio Home Inspector (OHI)

5. Go to State field and choose Ohio -- this will give you all inspectors in Ohio. To narrow this list, also enter the county

6. Click continue

7. There will be 3 available downloads-Excel, CSV or TEXT

CLICK HERE to read a recent article by Ohio REALTOR Legal Counsel Peg Ritenour that offers full details of the new home inspector licensure program.

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