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Coaching Corner: Let freedom reign!

Jul 2, 2021

By Marilou Butcher Roth, Master Coach

As we approach this upcoming Fourth of July, there seems to be a different feeling than in years past -- at least for me. Last year on this holiday, we were experiencing anything but freedom, dealing with restrictions due to COVID. These restrictions were in place, some self imposed and some mandated by our government officials. Either way, fireworks were minimal at best.

What does freedom mean to you? Go a bit deeper than the surface question just posed. Think about different areas of your life. How does freedom come into play when you think about your finances? Or how about your relationships? That one can be a tricky one, can’t it? What about your business? Or your health? 

You may try to play in this manner -- ask yourself “I would feel free if _____________,” and just see what comes up for you. Most of us, perhaps without even realizing it, hold freedom dearly, and desire it within our lives. However, freedom can prove to be illusive and sometimes forgotten.

This Fourth of July, let’s honor our collective freedom by identifying our individual freedoms as well.


Marilou Butcher Roth is the owner of The MBR Group, a coaching and training company working primarily with REALTORS who have a desire to work and live from a more inspired place. She is also the Broker/Owner of Group REALTORS in Cincinnati. Marilou is a member of the Ohio REALTORS Board of Directors and past chairman of the organization’s Communications Committee. Feel free to contact Marilou to see if coaching is right for you.

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