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Coaching Corner: Break it down!

Coaching Corner: Break it down!

Sep 2, 2022

by Marilou Butcher Roth, Master Coach

As seems to be typical, there is a theme going on with several of my clients who are finding themselves overwhelmed with their lives, both professionally and personally. One way to help considerably is to get all of those “to do’s” out of your head and down on paper. (My preference is paper but please make it work for you.)

I know this sounds, and is, simplistic, and yet it makes a world of difference. The next piece of this is, in my estimation, the most important part of creating some ease. As you look at the item, determine each small step that needs to happen--truly, each one.

For instance, it may be a phone call, or the need to do some research. Whatever it takes, break it down. What I have seen over and over is people can easily identify the big item, and do not take the time to identify each piece that takes us there. If possible, it is also helpful to create a “by when” for any items that you can.

Today, determine how you would like to track these items, perhaps you have a new notebook, or you may prefer an excel spreadsheet or a specific program. That part doesn’t matter, it just needs to be pleasing to you. Once you have that, begin your list, considering each baby step that will come into play.

Have fun and enjoy your productivity!


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