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Ohio Division of Real Estate announces new Online System

Ohio Division of Real Estate announces new Online System

Sep 22, 2022

The Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing will now accept online submissions for sales exam applications and sales agent transfers. This is now live online at the eLicense website.  

This change will not only reduce processing time but will also save money for agents and brokers. No more driving to the Division to drop off checks. No more overnight mail fees! 

The agent will receive an email receipt, much like the old “walk-in” receipts given out at the customer service center.

Two things to remember:

1.    The Division is diligently working toward a new licensing system. In the meantime, the option to file a new sales application or sales license transfer is available online through eLicense: This is a huge step as they work toward eliminating all paper transactions. Please be patient with the Division as we navigate this new process, and give them time to work out any kinks.

2.     The agent must initiate both the new salesperson application and the salesperson transfer, and once submitted, the principal or management level broker will need to accept/approve. If the brokerage seeks to incur the application costs, the broker could sit with the agent during the process and make payment or the broker could reimburse the applicant or agent.

There are quick guides on the eLicense website as well as complete manuals for your reference. We hope you will take the time to utilize these great new features which will become easier with a little experience.

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