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Ohio REALTORS Insider: April  2024 CEO Update

Ohio REALTORS Insider: April 2024 CEO Update

Apr 1, 2024

In this episode of the "Ohio REALTORS Insider" video series, Scott Williams, Ohio REALTORS CEO updates members about what Ohio REALTORS is doing to address the NAR Settlement and what REALTORS can focus on during this time of uncertainty.

"I know the recent NAR Settlement has been at times overwhelming and often confusing, with many of you wondering what the settlement means for you and your business. This is understandable, with many questions still unanswered and a lot yet to be figured out while we work through the details," said Williams.

"While our business is changing and our everyday practice might look a little bit different, our values and principles remain the same. If we focus on our core fundamentals and be prepared to adapt and rise to the challenge, we will ultimately come out better and stronger than before."

Watch the video now: 

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