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President Ali Whitley Testifies in Support of Buyer Representation Agreements

May 23, 2024

(Photo: Anastasia Kotkovskaya, Manager, Advocacy & Research, President Ali Whitley, and Andrew Huffman, Asst. VP Governmental Affairs)

Ali Whitley, President of Ohio REALTORS, presented testimony today in front of the Senate Select Committee on Housing as a proponent of a provision in Senate Bill (SB) 245 which would establish a statewide standard for the use of written representation agreements in the real estate industry.

This legislation is designed to enhance transparency in the home buying process by outlining the services to be provided and the commission structure, protecting both consumers and real estate professionals from potential disputes.

President Whitley shared:

“Until the state establishes a standard for the use of written representation agreements, we can expect continued inconsistency in their usage, creating further confusion for Ohioans trying to navigate the home buying process. We would also urge this committee to act with urgency. With the practice changes resulting from the settlement being implemented in August of this year, it is imperative that the legislature pass this policy before then to establish a framework for the use of written representation agreements as the industry adapts to these changes.”

This provision is similar to the language in HB 466, which currently also sits in the Senate Select Committee on Housing. The committee will now review testimony before moving forward in the legislative process.

Read more about this bill: SB 245 | 135th General Assembly | Ohio Legislature

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