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Coaching Corner: Are you uncomfortable yet?

Coaching Corner: Are you uncomfortable yet?

Jan 8, 2016

By "Coach" Marilou Butcher Roth

Happy 2016! It's the time of year when many of us start with a clean slate of sorts, creating intentions that, if implemented, will bring us to greater places! If -- the key word! For the past two weeks I have been writing about how to make your plan for the new year in a way that feels good. Along with you, I have been making a plan for myself.

Amidst all of my great intentions and desires for a successful year, I have been toying with a thought that has intrigued me all week. Earlier in the week I was reading and there was quite a bit of discussion around success and what that entails. An interesting idea that the writer posed was around feeling discomfort as you move fully into your action steps based upon your desire.

Bottom line, a question arose for me, am I willing to feel some discomfort in moving towards my goals? Hmm, interesting thought! So, for example, I am working on my book, albeit sporadically. Am I willing to get up 30 minutes earlier, allowing the quiet time to create consistent focus on this project? The idea of this feels somewhat uncomfortable, but I guess in the past I was operating from a “I should get up earlier place. When I reframe the idea with this new question, the degree of discomfort seems minimal for the end result that I will reach.

Or, my Pure Barre classes! Eek! They are hard, sometimes more than others. What a great place for this question! Many days I have talked myself out of going because it just felt like more than I was willing to undertake. When I pose this new question of discomfort, I feel a big YES. Of course I am willing to encounter some discomfort to achieve what I want!

So now, it's your turn! What intentions did you set? Are they business goals or personal goals? Think about the goal and then ask yourself the question. The main gig here is willingness. Are you willing? Be honest with your answer. You may not be willing. If not, revisit the intention and action step(s) around that intention.

Keep in mind, I personally am not willing to experience big discomfort, however, the type of discomfort that I have encountered has become less and less and I move through it, and towards my results! Yay!


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