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Congratulations to the 2016 OAR Leadership Academy graduates!

Jan 20, 2017

2016 Ohio Association of REALTORS Leadership Academy graduates -- (Front row, from left) Joe Marino III, Dan McQuillen, Joe Mock, Phil Morrical III, Chris Pedon, and Fred Troyer; (Back row, from left) 2017 OAR President Pete Kopf, 2017 OAR President-elect Tiffany Meyer, Michelle Billings, Heather Dunn, Sandra Green, Cindy Jacobs, Ralph Mantica, Debbie Milnar, and 2017 OAR Treasurer Anjanette Frye.

The Ohio Association of REALTORS graduated its first-ever Leadership Academy class during the organization's Winter Conference, Jan. 15-17, in Columbus.

The 12-member Leadership Academy class completed an intense, nine-month program focused on goal-setting, communication, business relationships and personal growth. It afforded participants the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally by gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel as a leader.

Here's what each graduate had to say about their OAR Leadership Academy experience:

Michelle Billings (Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS) -- "Leadership Academy has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and therefore has helped me grow both personally and professionally."

Heather Dunn (Columbus REALTORS) -- "Leadership Academy has been the most impactful investment I have made in my real estate career, yet. I leave each session feeling empowered, fulfilled, more knowledgeable and ready to make positive change. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their business and their life to the next level!

Sandra Green (Scioto Valley Association of REALTORS) -- "Leadership Academy taught me that leadership is more than a position -- it is a responsibility."

Cindy Jacobs (Guernsey-Muskingum Valley Association of REALTORS) -- "For me personally, the OAR Leadership Academy has helped to strengthen my leadership abilities and given me more self confidence in my leadership roles. Not only have I learned valuable insights from the various instructors but also from my peers in the class with whom I have developed close connections and friendships with. I'm so honored to have been a part of the inaugural class!"

Ralph Mantica (Dayton Area Board of REALTORS) -- "This leadership class has exposed me to a higher level of self-development, and has set the ground work for improving my confidence in my own leadership skills.

Joe Marino III (Stark County Association of REALTORS) -- "Leadership Academy has given me terrific insight into the world of leadership and the REALTOR organization. It's given me the courage to seek to be more involved in my community and our Associations. It has taught me that leadership is a team venture and no one can do it alone. Most importantly, it has shown me who I am as a leader and a team member so I can better serve the needs of the Association of REALTORS."

Dan McQuillen (Toledo Regional Association of REALTORS) -- "OAR Leadership Academy has helped me understand myself better and has taught me how to lead and motivate people who are wired differently than I am. OARLA has also helped me create a network of 11 other individuals across the state that I can rely on as a real estate resource."

Debbie Milnar (Toledo Regional Association of REALTORS) -- "This Leadership Academy has helped me discover my natural strengths and learn to use them to not only my benefit, but the benefit of those I'm leading."

Joe Mock (Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS) -- "OAR Leadership Academy helped me with...Self Awareness…Self Improvement…Self Growth…Now it's time to stop focusing on Self and focus on Others."

Phil Morrical (Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS) -- "The OAR Leadership Academy has enabled me to build friendships and enhanced my skills as an individual."

Chris Pedon (Columbus REALTORS) -- "The Leadership Academy has been a rewarding experience in terms of personal growth, peer bonding and experiential learning.

Fred Troyer (Wayne Holmes Association of REALTORS) -- "I think for me on a personal level was the opportunity to get to know 11 strangers that are now close friends with a unique relationship which in turn benefits me professionally by expanding my sphere of influence for greater opportunities in the future.

OAR Leadership Academy participants work through a comprehensive training program that combines individual study, group retreats and unique initiatives to enhance leadership skills. Nationally recognized speakers assist in helping you tap into skills that will position you as a leader within the organization, the industry and your community.

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