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Congratulations to the Ohio REALTORS 2017 Leadership Academy graduating class!

Sep 29, 2017

2017 Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy graduates — (Front row, from left) Rachel Lewitt, Dawn Mueller, Amy Marinello, Deborah Hafner, Amanda Hitchcock, and Brenda Kilburn; (Back row, from left) Heather Zimmaro, Traci Pauley, Anthony May, Cole Cannon, Rich Cosgrove, and Joanne Zettl.

The Ohio REALTORS graduated its second Leadership Academy class during the organization's Annual Conference & EXPO, Sept. 24-27, in Cincinnati.

The 12-member Leadership Academy class completed an intense program focused on goal-setting, communication, business relationships and personal growth. It afforded participants the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally by gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel as a leader.

Here's what each graduate had to say about their Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy experience:

Cole Cannon (Columbus REALTORS) — “It has helped me discover the type of leader I am and how to utilize my strengths.”

Rich Cosgrove (Stark County Association of REALTORS) — “Leadership Academy has been one of the best experiences and opportunities of my life and has impacted my business as well as my personal life."

Deborah Hafner (Toledo Regional Association of REALTORS) — “I sat and wrote the many things I received during this journey of Leadership Academy and I think the things that stand out the most are: Personal Inner Growth and Confidence, to be open to new ideas, and be a better listener! ”

Amanda Hitchcock (Guernsey-Muskingum Valley Association of REALTORS) — “"With high quality facilitators, an invigorating and enlightening program, and a thought-provoking structure, the Leadership Academy has helped to redefine my fundamental understanding of being intentionally purposeful, in life and in my profession. I am thankful for the privilege to participate and have gained an enormous amount of leadership skills, which I can now apply to many future endeavors.”

Brenda Kilburn (Toledo Regional Association of REALTORS) — “Leadership Academy has challenged me to discover and grow my leadership skills, to gain more confidence as a leader when involved in organizations personally and professionally, and to develop lasting relationships with the instructors and peers that I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with."

Rachel Lewitt (Butler-Warren Association of REALTORS) — “The Leadership Academy journey was a powerful experience that transformed the way I engage life and leadership in every realm."

Amy Marinello (Wayne-Holmes Association of REALTORS) — “Leadership Academy has allowed me to surround myself with people who share a common passion for leadership and the program has prepared us for future growth in both our professional careers and our community involvement.”

Anthony May (Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS) — “The Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy has made me more accountable and increased my desire to to take a more active within my local association.”

Dawn Mueller (Lake Geauga Association of REALTORS) — “Leadership Academy has opened my eyes to the vast amount of resources available to us as REALTORS, and has given me the opportunity to meet several agents across the state who are now part of my professional network.”

Traci Pauley (Wayne-Holmes Association of REALTORS) — “The Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy has given me an abundance of knowledge but more so, a group of new friends that I will continually look to for guidance throughout my personal and professional life.”

Joanne Zettl (Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS) — “This experience has touched my personal and professional growth in immeasurable ways. And, the bonus was the friendships made with a bond that will last a lifetime."

Heather Zimmaro (Dayton Area Association of REALTORS) — “The Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy is a rare gift of an entirely different perspective in leadership, real estate industry, the impact we as REALTORS have on our community and the richness of knowing ourselves in a whole new way. I am forever grateful."

Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy participants work through a comprehensive training program that combines individual study, group retreats and unique initiatives to enhance leadership skills. Nationally recognized speakers assist in helping you tap into skills that will position you as a leader within the organization, the industry and your community.

The deadline to apply for inclusion in the 2018 Leadership Academy is Oct. 16! Click here for more details on the program…as well as access the application.

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