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Coaching Corner: Making consistency your friend!

Aug 3, 2012

By Marilou Butcher Roth

Let's first start with the concept that if you create consistent activity within your business, you will achieve consistent results...everybody OK so far? This is also true in other areas, such as fitness — if you only work out every once in a while, you will probably not achieve the results you are looking for!

One of the reasons that show up for people is they find consistency to be stifling, wanting more of an open schedule. If you can dedicate at least 15 minutes each of your workdays to developing new business you will see immediate improvement. You really do not need a lot of time, it's the consistency that generates focus and results!

The other piece you may want to examine is how you are finding new business. Sometimes I have seen REALTORS who think they “should” call FSBO's , for example, when they totally do not like to do this. So, find an area of finding new business that you feel good about and creating the consistency will come much easier.

I will be exploring various methods of finding new business in upcoming blogs and articles!

Marilou Butcher Roth

Marilou Butcher Roth

Marilou Butcher Roth is the owner of The MBR Group, a coaching and training company working primarily with REALTORS who have a desire to work and live from a more inspired place. She is also the Broker/Owner of Group REALTORS in Cincinnati.

Marilou is a member of the Ohio REALTORS Board of Directors and past chairman of the organization’s Communications Committee. Feel free to contact Marilou to see if coaching is right for you.

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