Beth Wanless, RCE, AHWD, C2EX, MPPA

Beth Wanless, RCE, AHWD, C2EX, MPPA

Director, Government Affairs

The Director of Government Affairs, in coordination with the Association's Legislative Committee, provides appropriate supportive actions which best facilitate the achievement of the Association's Legislative and political action goals. The position is also responsible for the achievement of those goals and the support or opposition of legislation or regulations which directly or in-directly affect the real estate industry and private property rights.

Duties & Responsibilities ...

1. Build relationships with all elected and appointed officials at the state and federal level.

2. Monitor all legislation affecting the real estate industry and the Association.

3. Develops and coordinates lobbying strategies including grassroots and management of external agents.

4. Establishes and maintains on-going contacts with related statewide Associations.

5. Provides information to the Legislative committee on issues in order to adopt policy positions.

6. Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.

7. Assists the VP of External Affairs in writing articles for all Ohio REALTOR communications.

8. Serves as staff liaison to the Local Government Forum, Appraisal Committee, Legislative Steering Committee, Enlarged Legislative Committee, Political Advocacy Committee and C/I Committee.

9. Assists in implementing NAR initiatives.

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